Mexico Home Insurance

When it comes to insuring your home in Mexico, it’s essential to have comprehensive coverage that protects your investment. Let’s break down the key features of Mexican Home Insurance:

  1. Building & Contents Coverage:
    • Value and Sum Insured: You can select the coverage amount based on your property’s value.
    • Hydro Meteorological Coverage: Protection against weather-related events like storms and floods.
    • Hurricane Coverage for Beachfront Locations: Specifically covers hurricane damage for properties near the coast.
    • Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption Coverage: Important for Mexico’s seismic activity.
    • Betterments and Improvements: Covers upgrades you’ve made to your property.
    • Solar Panels: Included in the building section.
    • Outdoor Construction and Underground Equipment: Protection for structures outside your home.
    • Debris Removal: Covers cleanup costs after a covered event.
    • Remodeling Added Value: If you’ve renovated, this adds value to your coverage.
    • Additional New Acquisitions for Contents: Includes newly acquired items.
    • Golf Carts Covered: Even includes third-party liability coverage for golf carts.
    • Loss of Rents: If your property becomes uninhabitable, this covers lost rental income.
    • Extra Living Expenses: Helps with temporary housing costs during repairs.
    • Inflation Endorsement: Protects against rising costs.
  2. Liability Coverage:
    • Family Liability: Both inside and outside your home.
    • Landlord Liability: If you rent out your property.
    • Tenants Liability: For renters.
    • Sports Liability: Covers amateur sports activities.
    • Liability for Bicycles, Roller Blades, Kayaks, and Motorless Vehicles.
    • Pet Liability: Protection if your pet causes harm.
    • Domestic Employees Medical Expenses: Included.
    • Legal Defense Expenses: In case of legal disputes.
    • Automatic Third Property Damage Payment: Up to $200 without legal process.
  3. Robbery Coverage:
    • Household Goods: Protection against theft.
    • Jewelry, Art, and Difficult-to-Replace Objects: Coverage with specified sub-limits per item.
    • Robbery Outside of the House.
    • Money and Securities: Covered both in and out of the house.
  4. Additional Coverages:
    • Glass Breakage: Inside and outside – all-risk coverage.
    • Electronic & Electrodomestic: Coverage for appliances like TVs, computers, refrigerators, etc.
    • Machinery Breakdown: Protection for essential equipment.
    • Premium Benefits: Includes services like locksmith assistance, dental services, and more.

Remember, having the right insurance ensures peace of mind for your Mexican property. If you need assistance or want to explore options, feel free to reach out!

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