Mexico Boat Insurance

When it comes to insuring your watercraft in Mexico, there are essential requirements and options you should be aware of. Let’s dive into the details:

  1. Mandatory Mexico Watercraft Insurance:
    • Similar to autos, RVs, and camper vans, Mexico watercraft insurance is mandatory.
    • The minimum legal requirement is third-party liability coverage for all watercraft that are 15 feet or longer.
    • Without proper insurance, you could face serious consequences, including fines, impoundment, or imprisonment.
  2. Temporary Import Permit (TIP):
    • If you plan to take your watercraft to Mexico, you’ll need a Temporary Import Permit.
    • The TIP can be obtained at the border and is valid for 10 years.
    • It’s eligible for a single extension of another 10 years.
    • Frequent border crossings allow you to use the same permit for your watercraft.
  3. Types of Watercraft Covered:
    • Mexico watercraft insurance is designed for various types of vessels:
      • Anglers’ Watercraft: For those bringing their own boats for fishing.
      • Sailboats: Coverage for sailboats in Mexican waters.
      • Yachts and Leisurecraft: Protection for luxury vessels.
      • Personal Watercraft (Jet Skis, WaveRunners): Required for these recreational vehicles.
  4. Third-Party Liability Coverage:
    • Minimum Requirement: Third-party liability coverage is mandatory.
    • Policies are issued for different terms (daily, six months, or annual).
    • Multiple levels of liability limits are available:
      • Bodily Injury: Options include $50k, $100k, or $250k per person.
      • Property Damage: Options range from $100k to $500k total per accident.
      • Legal Assistance & Bail Bond: Available in various amounts.
  5. Choosing the Right Coverage:
    • Consider your watercraft type and usage:
      • Fishing Boats in Remote Waters: Lower risk, so lower liability limits may suffice.
      • Speed Boats in Populated Areas: Higher limits are advisable.
    • Use the orange button above to get an instant quote for liability policies.
    • You can quote multiple watercraft on the same form for convenience.
  6. Purchasing Your Policy:
    • After viewing the quote, you can purchase instantly.
    • To finalize your Mexico watercraft insurance policy, you’ll need to follow the instructions provided during the purchase process.

Remember, having the right insurance ensures smooth sailing in Mexican waters. Safe travels!

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